List of the most Requested Services, but not limited to:

• Install or repair Faucets | Disposals | Toilets | Vanities

• Carpentry

• Door Replacement or repair

• Installation of Ceiling Fans | Light Fixture indoor and outdoor | Switches and Plugs

• Sheetrock | Drywall

• Siding | Trim | Casing repair

• Fencing | Decking | Gate

"When my wife and I moved to Logrun Circle, our back fence was all weathered and sagging. It looked horrible and people walking on the street right behind the fence could look right over the top into our windows. Martin took down the fence completely, but he kept intact all of the old pickets by cutting off the nail heads with his Dewalt reciprocating saw (all of his power tools are pro quality). He then set new 4x4 posts and installed new 2x4 cross rails. But here's the brilliant part (in my opinion) - before putting the old pickets back up, he installed a 2x6 rot board along the bottom of the fence which resulted in a finished fence that is 6 feet, 6 inches tall, rather than a standard 6 ft fence (this is allowed under The Woodlands building standards). Now, when we walk out into the back yard, it feels like a totally private extension of our living space. After Martin power-washed the old pickets, it looks like a brand new fence. OUTSTANDING JOB! Martin is a clean, honest, hard-working, smart-working, and reasonably-priced handyman. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Jay Henderson

"This man is attention to detail and completes projects in timely fashion. I highly recommend!"


Susan Kenningham

"My backyard was a mess, and I hated being back there. After Martin fixed it up, it is easy to maintain and I love to spend time outside with my new garden "